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Pre-Lock Security Services installs and suplies the largest range of security window films in Toronto.  Our security films are designed to provide physical security solutions on windows that could be easly smashed to gain entry without our product.  Our product also starts the clock the from the first hit of the window allowing your Pre-Lock alarm system to activate while the intruder is still on the outside and get Police on their way.

If you are in need of Toronto security window films, you can find just what you are looking for at  Pre-Lock Security. Security films are becoming more common as people see the need to increase their safety around window glass. If you are in the Toronto area, a phone call to Pre-Lock Security could be your first and last stop in the search for window glass security.

Protect yourself and your family by calling Pre-Lock Security at (416) 773-5625 today.

You can also e-mail us at sales@pre-lock.com