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MODEL         INTERIOR                EXTERIOR                   lbs.         Shelf

RSC 1317   13H  X   17W  X  14 1/2D  16H X  20W  X 20 1/8 D   355 lbs.           1

RSC 1713   17H  X  13W  X  14 1/2D   20H X 16W   X 20 1/8 D   358 lbs            1. 

RSC 2113   21H  X  13W X  14 1/2D   24H X 16W   X 20 1/8 D    380 lbs            1

RSC 2517   25H  X 17W  X  141/2D    28H X  20W  X 20 1/8 D    490 lbs            1

RSC 3717   37H  X 17W  X  141/2D     40H X 20W  X 20 1/8D     690 lbs..          2

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FYI: THE "RSC" rating came about several years ago is an actual insurance rating for a home or office safe.  With an RSC rating you know that you have burglary & fire protection on your safe.   RSC would be equivalent to TL-5 which is pretty empressive.