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SECURITY Alarm Monitoring without a phone line   

So you don't have a traditional phone line or you are thinking of doing away with your home phone.
You are worried about the possibility of a burglar cutting your phone line and defeating your standard alarm system.  

We have the best solution for you.  Pre-Lock Security Services offers both internet based monitoring services as well as monitoring services over cellular digital radio all known a GSM.

For years home owners have relied upon traditional telephone lines to send the alarm signals to the central station.  Those days are over.  Save some money go wireless and increase your secruity at the same time.

GSM cellular options are far more reliable and much faster communciations than regular telephone lines.

Best of all we can upgrade your alarm today even if you are not one of our customers yet.

Switch to Pre-lock Security and get 6 months "FREE" monitoring as a bonus!!

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