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Pre-Lock - Crash & Smash Protection
| Crash & Smash Protection |

Pre-Lock offers complete protection, exclusively with Alarm.com's patented "Crash & Smash" detection technology.  With Crash & Smash Protection by Alarm.com your home will have the benefits of false alarm reduction and can rest assured that if a "Crash & Smash" attack happens at your home our monitorng station will be notified immediately.  Most security systems have built in entry delays and alarm reporting delays to ensure that your family have enough time to disarm your alarm system upon entering your home.  But with a standard alarm intruders can have time to locate the control panel or destroy the keypad before it can send a signal to the monitoring station.

Alarm.com can detect security system destruction during the Entry Delay from the 1st second starting the delay intruder listens for the entry delay sound and locates the keypad, then they smash it before the entry delay expires.  The intruder believes that the security system is disabled and proceeds to rob the home.

Bad news for them as Pre-Lock will still receive the signal and dispatch the Police.

How it all works....   When the intruder entered the home a special "Entry Delay Message" is sent each time to the alarm.com network operation center.    If it does not get a follow up disarm within the typcial 30 second delay period it transmits a Suspected Crash & Smash Signal to our monitoring center who will alert the Police or guards to speed to the home and catch the intruder red-handed.

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